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  • Tilly Marlatt

Holliday Park Engagement Photos | Christian & Breanna

Beautiful weather mixed with summer flowers in full bloom made Holliday Park in Indianapolis the perfect setting for Christian and Breanna's engagement photos. I'm a frequent visitor to Indianapolis parks and have long considered Eagle Creek my favorite, but Holliday Park is quickly becoming my new go-to. From the ruins and wildflowers to trails and green space, there's so much to experience. This is my second time capturing photos at the park this year, and I was thrilled when Christian and Breanna agreed to meet there.

Christian and I were friends in high school, and it was great to reconnect. I loved learning about what he and Breanna have been up to in the last few years and their plans for the future.

I can't wait to capture these two tying the knot in 2022!

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